Above 49 days after mating 

Above 58 days after mating and in pre-lay shed.  She has been sitting in her water bowl for the last 4 days and now spends most of the time in her hide box filled with spagnum moss. She does not want to eat.

2010--Remaining 4 eggs at 4 weeks. Have increased some more in size,

2010--Eggs at 63 days.  Notice the difference in shapes than at 4 weeks above.

2010--First Simus emerging from egg at 68 days. 

The final baby emerges on 10/5/10 

First Simus pipping from egg 9/16/2011

                              One of the 4 H.Simus hatching Sept 2018
                                              Hello world. 
                    H Simus 70 days in egg at 74-76 degrees. 

2013 breeding activity 

2012 Red phase pair. All have grown quite nicely. 02/04/2013

Out of 12 good eggs this year I had 6 red phase and 6 normal H. Simus.
Here is one of the red phase. 

2012 babies a few days after hatching. Note some are still shedding. 

 9/24/2012 Simus pipping from egg 65 days

Simus babies 10/28/10