Hamilton County, Florida. late May 2018. gravid female
                             May 28. 2018 - Gilchrist County Adult Male

      Nov. 3. 2017 - Citrus County, 20 feet from the one found below. Male

Nov. 1. 2017 - Citrus County. My first from this county. Male
Feb. 2017 - Pasco county. photo Tyler Martin
Dec.21,2016-Marion County, Juvenile Dug up out of the ground during                termite treatment in a yard.  Joshua Comer

Oct. 27,2016-Lake County, Juvenile.  Alex Robertson

Sept 29,2016-Santa Rosa County female. Nick Barys

 June 3,  2016--Levy County male. 

 Gilchrist County, Florida. May 2016     photo Jake Scott

Leon County, FL.,  May 2016   photo Chance Gwaltney

             Early moving H. Simus March 31, 2016 at 6:45 PM 
             Also first Simus I have found in Dixie County, FL
            This male was in bad shape as can be seen in this photo.

Madison County, Fl   October2015  Juvenile

Hamilton County, Florida. October 2015. Rhett Stanberry

Cool pattern! Suwannee County May 2015 - Photo Paula Cummings

Taylor County, May 2015Adult Female 

Taylor County, 2014. Juvenile

Gilchrist County, Florida. This large female (46.5cm TL) was found crossing a dirt road, (Oct. 13, 2014) at about 11 a.m. photo Jake Scott

Nice Red from a new locale in North west Florida. 2013

November 2013--Levy County male. 

Madison County, Fl   2013  Juvenile

Hernando County, Fl   2013  

Jefferson County, Fl   2005 Juvenile

Red, Leon County, FL   

2013, Jackson County County, FL   

Madison County, FL This Is a high red. Some Simus from north Florida can be found with this coloration. I found this female in October 2012

Madison Florida. 2011 This Male red phase was found by Nick Mesa 

Madison Florida. October 2012 This H. Simus shows very little if no color at all.

Madison Florida. October 2012. Nice red male

Madison County  

Madison County. Red phase.  

May 2013 Eglin AFB in Okaloosa Co.

(Okaloosa County) 

Jefferson County, Fl

Pasco County Juvenile

(Hernando County) 7" female photographed 2/18/08. Found in a field after plowing. This is the light colored female on the home page.

 (East Hillsborough County) Male 2005               Very rare find in Hillsborough County 

 (Hernando County) Juvenile photo by Crimsonking

(Hernando County) 

Large gravid female was hiked in July 2008. She is starting to roll over......

 .....and now start playing fake death.

              Hamilton County, Florida. May 2017. adult male
                          Lake County, Fl    May 1, 2017  Female

Pasco County, Fl   November 2015  Juvenile 

Hamilton County, Florida. October 2015. adult male

Lake County, 2015Adult Female and Male

Hamilton County, Florida.  May. 2014. 

   Hamilton County, Florida.  DOR Oct. 2014. photo Jonathan Mays

Taylor County, Fl   2013 DOR  

May 2013--Hernando County female. Photo Garrett Craft

May 27, 2010 - Male, 15" from Hernando County 

Alachua County, Florida

Alachua County, Florida Juvenile

Suwannee County Red. Simus from north FL. can be found with this coloration.

Suwannee County, FL This Is a high red. 

Suwannee County, FL Red baby. Juvenile

 (Columbia County) 

(Calhoun County) photo by Crimsonking

(Pasco County) hatchling photo by Daniel D. Dye

(Pasco County) photo by Crimsonking  

April 2011--Photoed by a resident of San Antonio FL a city in Pasco County

 Male    Hernando County, Florida   photo-Daniel Parker

Female Hernando County, Florida

 Hernando County, Florida   

 Hernando County, Florida

Levy County, Florida

2014  (Hernando County) Juvenile

Hernando County

 (Hernando County) 2 Simus photo by Crimsonking

(Hernando County) Juvenile

In shed or molting process